Traveling Tips for European Tour

Traveling Tips for European Tour

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Many travelers might be traveling for very first time to Europe, so this article is for them. Who doesn’t want to visit great places, explore diverse cultures, and peachy sites? Surely, everyone wants to do so, but if this desire is affected by high prices and some other serious traveling issues related to money etc, then a wise planning is inevitable. Don’t worry; here we are with some really effective and useful traveling tips that will surely guide you to explore Europe more cheaply and with fewer risks.

How to avoid high airfares?

Avoid peak summer season for traveling to Europe. This caution is because during summer peak traveling season means costly airline traveling, high accommodation prices, heavy crowd of people on your favorite places etc. The best time to visit Europe on cheap and reasonable air fare is off-season time period such as May or September. If you want to visit Europe during summer season, then you can check alternative ticketing. The main goal of traveling during off season time is to cut off between 20% – 30% from the peak time. You can check out discounters, consolidators, and charter tickets during off-season period. The reputation and importance of your destination is another big factor involved in high airfares, such as if you are traveling to big city then you have to pay high airfare, but the advantage of traveling to big city is that you can take advantage from consolidation, discounters etc. Try out these favorite consolidation cities: London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris etc.

Solve you transportation problem:

Europe offers a faster and easily approachable transportation system in its different places. If you have reached Europe and you are looking for private cab, rent a car, daily metro etc for internal transportation then change your choice, the best choice for internal transportation is train.

There are some important things about European trains that you must know about, these include:

  1. You should be aware of the station that serves your particular destination; this is because many European cities contain more than one station; for instance Paris contains six mainline stations.
  2. Try to become familiar with the military time, as European trains run according to military time – the 24 hour clock.
  3. Make reservation in advance, as it will save your time and relief your travel headache. Reservation may charge few dollars extra, but reservation is the best choice during holidays.
  4. Make reservations for couchettes, as many night trains depart in the evening while pick up in the next morning.
  5. High speed trains require advance reservation, train pass, and additional fee.
  6. Sometimes trains change their destinations, especially during night time, so make sure that you are in the right train.

Going your way:

To save your time and get a relief from transportation headache, you can take advantage from private transportation services. By this way you can meet locals and you can have a better chance to explore countryside more closely. You can take advantage from ride sharing service and complete inquiry can be made at tourist offices and hostels.

Suitable Accommodation:

You can have a variety of accommodation during your trip to Europe, as Europe has many attractive and reasonable accommodations to cater its precious tourists. For getting best accommodation service during your European trip, you should know some important and basic rules that can help you to make right decision regarding accommodation. These are:

Don’t book room for you unless you see it. Accommodation staff may not show you the lowest costly room first unless you ask to see it. If this thing is not right according to you then fix it up.

Always ask about the total cost of your stay, such as tax and any hidden charges.
Before booking a room for you, try to wander around and meet other guests, monitor them and ask them about their stay that property. Asking other guests is the best way to find out whether this accommodation is suitable for you or not?

You can take advantage from discount offer by many places in Europe, as many hotels offer discount incase if a guest stays more than three nights.

You can solve the problem of accommodation by taking advantage from railroad station’s hotels, though they are noisy but still good enough.

Try to arrive in big city early, as it will save your time and money. This is due to the fact that in big cities there’s a heavy traffic of tourists so the chance of getting your choice room becomes lower if you arrive late.

If you are unable to find a good accommodation for you then contact local tourist guide office. By approaching any local tourist guide service you can enjoy your tour with ease, as these tourist guide services will provide everything at your step, though you have to pay little extra amount for these services but worth for it.

Europe is such a nice place on earth that you might not want to miss to explore again and again in your life. The only important thing during any traveling trip is your positive attitude. The thing that comes after your attitude is “wise planning”. You can make most of your tour only if you know the right things. So plan wisely, travel cheaply, and Enjoy your tour!

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