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Where to go in United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is the world’s leading and most favorite travel destination. The UK (that includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) contains one of the greatest tourist attractions in the form of matchless museums, unique art and crafts works, scenic places, architectural wonders, captivating countryside, and diverse culture.  All these elements together make the UK a perfect place to visit. It is undeniably matchless tourist attraction.
When it comes to visit UK, it’s really difficult to make a choice among such great options and to decide where to visit, what to explore, and what to leave for next visit. We tried to make it easy for you to select the best places in UK for your next visit; here are some highly recommended places in UK.


Starting with England, London is the greatest and most preferred tourist destination in the world. This is really a spectacular city that allows its tourists to explore the essence of western civilization that includes lush cathedrals, palaces, monuments, and prisons.  London museums are the best entertaining places; these museums are flourished with fine arts, books, science, natural history, medieval weapons, and a lot more. Array of cathedrals and churches are the asset of London’s beauty. Besides, London is a complete box for shopping lovers. It provides best shopping facilities at Harrods, Regent Street shops, and appealing boutiques at Beauchamp Place. London is also there to cater the desires of tourists to enjoy a wide variety of foods and cuisines.


Bath is the preferred tourist destination among hot springs lovers. The most attractive quality of Bath is its Roman Baths, Great Bath, and East & West Baths. Bath is also a perfect place to have relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Enjoy afternoon tea at Pump Room. In Bath, the Royal Crescent’s remarkable architectural pieces are the highly appreciated and one of the core assets of 18th century urban development era.


This city is a doorway to the rural England. It is full of natural beauty such as crystal clear streams, scenic views, sightseeing points, and archaic villages. Oxford University holds great importance for the splendor architecture that it contains. Besides this, Oxford University contains the historical scenic landscapes that are the valuable heirloom of this university. You must not miss out a tour to the spectacular stained glass Christ Church Cathedral.

The Lake District

It lies in the Northwest part of England and it is unique for its beauty. It is the best place for outdoor lovers, as it offers horse riding, hiking, and other outdoor activities. You must engage a local guide if you wish to trek around the Lake District.  The countryside and Lake Windermere are the significant areas of the Lake District.


It is well known for its archaic heirloom. It is a never missed out place in UK.
Cathedral of Canterbury is one of the glorious tourist attractions in United Kingdom. It holds the first position on the list of all glorious cathedrals of United Kingdom. This list contains York, Durham, Winchester, and St. Paul’s cathedrals. The cathedral of Canterbury is important in the religious history of England. The Church of St Martin, ruins of the Abbey of Augustine, and Christ Church Cathedrals are also the must watch places in United Kingdom.


This town is famous for its cathedral. This cathedral is sightseeing place and it gives original feelings that would make you feel yourself the part of history. Durham cathedral is the most popular among all other cathedrals because of its Anglo Norman churches.


Winchester is also popular sightseeing place in England, United Kingdom. It is popular for its cathedral that is unique of its own kind. One of the greatest attractions in Winchester is Great Hall. This is the remainder of Winchester Castle that was constructed in the 13th century. It has lost many real things but still it is highly admirable among tourists.


Scotland is a perfect countryside in United Kingdom. It is spread over irregularly situated villages and cities. Scotland has a great cultural diversity. The great attractions of Scotland include the Highlands, Lothian region, the Grampians, the Trossachs, and the Glassgow.

Northern Ireland

The greatest attractions for tourists in Northern Ireland have destroyed due to clashes between Catholics and Protestants. Due to such clashes tourists faces difficulties to enjoy their trip to Northern Ireland.


The peachy tourist attractions of Wales include unique culture and scenic ground, lush countryside, historical castle, and Snowdonia National Park.

Snowdonia National Park

It is one of the greatest attractions in Wales. It is spread over an area of 800 square miles. It lies in the northwestern area of Wales. It is based on agricultural land, villages, and wildlife.

Castle Country

Wales offers an array of beautiful castles for its tourists. These castles are the monuments of British rule. These castles are well preserved and well maintained. These beautiful castles include Gwynedd, Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Harlech, Conwy, and Ruthun.

Cardiff City

It is the capital city and gateway of Wales. Its significant tourist attraction is the Castell Caerdydd that is also known as the Cardiff Castle.
In the long and short, London is the most significant and peachy tourist attraction in United Kingdom. Start your trip of United Kingdom from London. After exploring London you would never want to leave this beautiful place.

Vacations in Switzerland

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Switzerland is like a heaven on earth. It is glowing with all of its rugged alpines, unique fauna and flora, crystal clear lakes, and snow capped mountains etc. Here are certain activities that you might like doing while spending vacations in Switzerland. Switzerland countryside is such a sightseeing and captivating attraction in Switzerland.

Enjoy Hiking in Switzerland

While spending vacations in Switzerland, hiking is one of the great activities that you might like doing. The high mountains that are capped with layers of milky snow will captivate you and give you a feel of floating in clouds. The fresh air on these mountains will refresh your internal system and boost your energy. This refreshing air is also important in getting recovered from any illness. Hiking itself is a healthy activity and revives the slept functions of internal body systems and when hiking is carried out in Switzerland’s mountains then the chance of getting sick becomes lesser than ever. Switzerland is a perfect place to revitalize your internal body system by inhaling the refreshing air of Switzerland’s mountains and mountainous areas where there is no pollution.

Skiing in Switzerland

Skiing is another great activity that could keep you busy through out your vacations in Switzerland. People around the world especially visit Switzerland to fulfill their dreams of skiing in a heavenly place. The perfect naturally made slopes that are covered with cottony snow are there to mesmerize you. These snow covered slopes are perfect for skiing. You can also gondolas to explore the upper parts of mountains while to come down by taking a slope slide is itself a great and unforgettable fun. You can take help from the authentic and recommended maps that have issued by Switzerland. These maps indicate the perfect point for skiing.

Explore Ancient Switzerland

Switzerland has a rich history and it contains a valuable and prominent historical heirloom. There are a large number of ancient castles that are located in different places in Switzerland. These castles are the speaking evidence of the precious heritage that Switzerland got from its ancient dwellers. You can easily explore ancient Switzerland by visiting few must see places; these include torture chambers, wine storage, weapon rooms etc. All these places are well preserved and well maintained and they are existed with their original furnishing for many hundred years. These ancient places are also used by Swiss people to hold exhibitions and other festivals.

Enjoy Festivals and Carnivals

Several festivals and carnivals are held in different places of Switzerland. You can enjoy any of these carnivals and festivals if they take place during your vacationing period. These carnivals are held annually and Zurich and Bern hosts these carnivals.

Swiss Cuisines

Swiss cuisines are light and tasteful. You can enjoy Swiss cuisines at any local restaurant. The main specialties of Swiss cuisines are potatoes, cheese, breads, and cold cuts. The most significant cuisines are racclette and fondue. Tomotoes are the part of almost all cuisines of Switzerland.

Enjoy Swimming in Limmat

This river flows in Zurich and people like swimming here. This river doesn’t contain any pollutant and a many fishes that are of different species and human friendly live in this river.

Biking to explore more

Bikes are easily available on rent in Switzerland and you can easily get any bicycle to explore the small areas and towns of Switzerland. Biking is one of the most loved activities in Switzerland. It becomes easier to explore those remote areas and wonderful places through biking that can’t be reachable through cars and other vehicles.

Explore Villages

Switzerland contains an array of small towns and villages. These villages contain a stream of beautiful mountains. You can take a tour to these villages and enjoy village life with amiable people of these villages. You can also enjoy traditional food in these villages and enjoy hiking around towering mountains. Only native people can guide you about the complex paths of these mountainous areas and villages.

Switzerland is one of the most captivating tourist destinations on the planet earth. After reaching Switzerland, wherever you see and no matter how far you could see, you could only find the snow capped and snow covered mountains with snow capped green trees that are dotted on these snowy areas. Crystal clear rivers and lakes are there to cherish your aesthetic sense.

There are a lot of activities that you might want to do when having vacations in Switzerland. All these activities are captivating and have something unique to explore in them. From skiing on snowy slopes to hiking on green and tall mountains and from swimming with fishes to biking in the congested paths of small villages, you can make your vacations in Switzerland truly unforgettable. Enjoy your vacations in with the activity you like the most to carry out in Switzerland.

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of the Italian island, Sicily, the Republic of Malta has been drawing tourists for quite some time. Widely known for its culture, history and romantic atmosphere, this island country can be regarded as a great traveling location. Here are three of the most important places to visit when arriving in Malta.


My husband and I love to travel with the whole family and show our kids awesome places around the world. Most parents I know avoid travelling too far from home or stop travelling altogether when their children are too small to stay put in the car or in the airplane seat. It is true that car trips with toddlers are a mess most of the times, but I would never give up the opportunity to visit as many places as possible, just because I have a toddler to take care of, not to mention that with good planning, there is no way things can go terribly wrong, you can get out of every nasty situation with a bit of help and laugh about it later on. We have three kids and we take them with us everywhere we go, we even made a couple of trips abroad. Of course, flights are easier for parents, because you only have to get them something to do for a couple of hours, but car rides are difficult to manage. As long as you understand that the reason your kids behave like that is the fact that they get bored to sit on the back of the car doing nothing, as a parent I am sure that you will find a solution to this problem. Parents know best how to keep their kids occupied, because we use tricks all the time to get some peace around the house. Besides the time when we had to struggle with a little lost van keys incident, I never had problems with my children on the road.


The world of travel is full of opportunities and new locations. If you want to make your journey worth remembering, then Vietnam is where you should head out. This can be viewed as a real adventure, as you are most likely to get acquainted to a new world. Situated in the Southeast Asia, Vietnam expresses the typical Asian atmosphere. You will get to know a country that has been marked by war all throughout its history and has managed to overcome disasters each time. A people of survivors, Vietnam will certainly impress through a simple lifestyle, full of meaning. Here a few traveling tips of the most important places in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital. You will see why this is one of the most interesting places to visit in Asia.


Go extreme: traveling to Antarctica

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Travel enthusiasts are constantly looking for new places to explore and discover: the cultural European treat, the mysterious Africa, the exciting Americas, exotic Asia or thrilling Australia. But how many can say that they have been to the seventh continent, Antarctica? Not many, for sure. It takes a dedicated traveler to visit this mesmerizing place, full of untouched wonders and surprising beauty. The extreme tourist attraction is different from everything you have ever experienced and it will surpass all of your expectations. After you come back, few things will equal the memorable charm of Antarctica. If you have the chance to set foot in this marvelous land, there is a lot of adventure waiting for you. But you have to be prepared, however, because the white continent has its unique rules.


Five places to visit in a lifeti

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There is no better way to spend your life than traveling. There are so many places that are mind blowing all over the world, even in the most darkest of corners. Amazing buildings, old sites, legendary castles, natural phenomena and so on, this is what travel means. But it happens that sometimes we can make the wrong choice and end up in a city that just isn’t for you. The best thing to do is to enjoy  and try to discover the story behind it. The truth is that no one can manage to see the whole world, but there are some places that you have to visit, so your journey on Earth can be completed. Here is a list for 5 places that are a must in traveling.


Five perfect honeymoon destinations

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Getting married is any woman’s desire. From picking out the dress to the weeding menu, the bride has to deal with everything. So, what better way to reward her for all her trouble, than to give her the honeymoon of her dreams. If you want to make sure that your trip will be the one you hoped for, then pay attention when you choose the destination. There are plenty of travel guides that can give you some ideas about where you could head in your journey.


It’s time to invite your guests to take a tour to your impressive garden. It’s not enough to have a beautiful house, with a forest, sea or mountains view, if you don’t take care of the rest of the yard. And what better way is there to be proud of your achievements, if you don’t invest in nature? The sky-scrapers from New York, a busy, metropolitan area, that’s what everybody wants when they’re young! However, there comes a time when you decide to build a house and start decorating it the way you’ve always dreamt! Here are some amazing ideas for gardens and how to maintain it beautiful.


As the market for high class travel continues to expand, providing exceptional resorts, VIP service and exciting experiences, customers are looking for their next fix; a way to bring their luxury lifestyle along for the ride. Gone are the days of folding maps, train schedules and French dictionaries, in 2013 all a traveller needs is a smart phone. So whether you are backpacking across Europe or enjoying a luxury villa in Bali, before you jet off this summer, take the time to browse through the best of this season’s bespoke apps to tend to your every need.