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There was a time when the concept of exotic destination was something that only wealthy people could benefit from. Yachts, golden beaches and crystal blue seas- these were the ingredients of the perfect holiday, but prices were too high for anyone other than celebrities and tycoons. Fortunately, many countries have decides to maximise their touristic potential and make their wonderful attractions available for the rest of the world as well. Nowadays, going on an exotic holiday for a few weeks is possible for everyone, because prices have dropped considerably and agencies offer many discounts and special offers. Even a small budget is enough for a getaway in a place that seem taken from the most beautiful dreams. If you plan on experiencing something new this year, these destinations are for you.


Many have referred to it as Earth’s rooftop. Situated in Asia, on the peaks of the Himalayas, this Buddhist corner of the world has finally opened its gates to visitors. What any traveler finds on this journey is much more than one could possibly imagine. From bright colors to Asian architecture, Tibet is a lesson of life and power. A single trip to this peaceful corner is not nearly enough, but making the best of a Tibetan week means knowing a bit of their culture.

The small world of Lhasa

There is no better way of discovering Tibet than going to Lhasa, its capital. The spirituality of this place will certainly exceed your expectations, once you get to Potala Palace. There is no better view over Lhasa than from a small window in this Palace. The noble monastery, home to the world famous Dalai Lama and shrine to all Buddhist on Earth, is full of specific Tibetan art. Paintings made with small colored pieces that come together in complete harmony reveal the love for beauty and patience that monks truly have. Small chambers, having thick stone walls will lead you to breathtaking Buddhist temples.

Nearby, there is the golden tower temple Jokhang Temple. Pilgrims find it their calling to reach this temple in the most soulful ways possible. Some spent their journey saying prayers, others refuse to rest until they manage to reach the temple. The spirituality that surrounds this place is remarkable.

Shopping in Tibet

The many treasures of this country are not only in matters of soul, but in art as well. Jokhang Temple holds near it one of the biggest shopping streets in Lhasa. Here, you can find one of kind objects that will magically light your home. The Barkhor Street is truly a cultural sight, as Tibet is telling all about its world through these unique objects. You can find anything here, Tibetan musical instruments, leather bags, home decorations and so on. Tibetan carpets are hand made, mixing great colors. Some can easily become a collector’s item. As a piece of advice, try to avoid taking evening walks on this street, because you might risk getting lost. And also another good advice would be to find a good free life insurance quote before you go there.

Tibetan Tea and Hospitality

The entire world has found out about the hospitality of the Tibetan people. If you want to enjoy the full Tibetan experience, try spending time in their homes. You will be welcomed with wine and food. Tibetan people are cheerful, enjoying new company. After dinner, the guests are invited to take part in a celebration, to sing and dance. In their homes you will discover fascinating Chinese decorations, as well as mysterious tea flavors.

Because in Tibet temperatures can be quite low, they drink butter tea, a salty flavored beverage to warm up. Tourists find it strange, because they associate it with soup.

No matter how many times you visit this exotic destination, you will never be able to find out all its secrets. Still, Tibet is all about discovering one’s self, finding inner peace and balance. Make the best of your trip to this fascinating world .

A dream holiday in Barcelona

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When thinking about Barcelona, the first thing that comes into mind the architectural style of the famous Antonio Gaudi. His work is considered to be unique in the world, due to its nonconformist nature: an architectural style characterized by the inspiration from natural forms and the use of colorful stones in various round constructions. The use of colour is another aspect used by Gaudi, the artist decorating many of the buildings in Barcelona with stones coloured in mosaic style. Barcelona is a lively, bright and charming town, like taken from “Hansel and Gretel”, due to its numerous buildings that seem to be made of gingerbread. The combination of original drawings and vibrant colours offers a true visual delight for the millions of tourists who visit Barcelona every year and charmed by its gothic air, always come back to discover yet more wonders.


If your interests are art, history, architecture and this holiday you would like to experience a cultural delight, there is no better destination for you than the former capital of Imperial Russia, Sankt Petersburg. Known in the past under the names of Petrograd and Leningrad, this federal city is a major port in the Baltic Sea, founded by Peter the Great, the famous Russian tsar. For any tourist entering its gates, Sankt Petersburg is an opportunity to contemplate some of the world’s most famous and mesmerizing attractions that range from museums to operas and buildings of a splendid architecture. A holiday in Sankt Petersburg should have at least two weeks if you want to experience the Russian magic to its fullest. With thousands of cultural sites, the city has a rich heritage that allows it to enter the list of the world’s most sought artistic destinations. Many writers were fascinated by the Sankt Petersburg’s atmosphere and tried to capture it in their works. Your holiday here will be unforgettable, both from the historic and the artistic point of view.


We live in a world where fashion, presentation and style are becoming an increasingly important and definitive form of expression for every individual. Whether for a nice treat, or to totally revamp one’s being, anyone can go wild in a store that speaks to them on a personal level, so finding the very best place to go shopping is a vital part of planning your trip. The world is wide, and every corner of the globe offers something we’ve never seen before from mud huts in Botswana to beachfront luxury real estate in St Lucia. Many cities have become renowned for their incredible shopping districts, and here we whittle it down to six sensational destinations.


We all know that accommodation is one of the most important aspects that can turn holidays into unforgettable experiences or complete failures. When it comes to finding the best place to say, tourists usually go for something simple and affordable, but if this time you want to make a bold choice and experience something unique, then there are some accommodation choices around the world that cross conventional barriers are become tourist attractions in themselves. At least once, forget about the generic rooms and ordinary designs and try something that you rarely come across. Funny, creative or truly bizarre, these are some of the hotels that all tourists should visit at least once in their lifetime.


Japan is one of the most exotic travel destinations, attracting millions of tourists each year with its undeniable charm. From party lovers to cultural enthusiasts, anyone will find a place in their heart for the Land of the Rising Sun. Whether you visit the breathtaking Mount Fuji, the gardens filled with cherry blossoms, awe-inspiring temples and castles or the modern Tokyo, you will find the experience fascinating and life-changing. In order to enjoy your trip to the fullest, you must learn that the Japanese have different customs and traditions than the Western civilization, so etiquette knowledge is needed before you begin to pack your bags. There are some rules that you need to respect in order to feel comfortable among the locals and become an educated tourist. Each culture is different in its own way and Japan has its share of faux pas’s that you should avoid.


Greece is a destination for nature lovers, for those who enjoy the gentle breeze of an amazingly blue sea, for those longing for a peaceful time under a shade-giving pine tree. Greece is synonymous with breathtaking scenery, unspoiled countryside, hospitality and generosity and in general is an ideal retreat when in search of escaping the mundane tumultuous life.
Its mainland is impressive, but if you’re really looking for a life-changing experience, then a trip to some of the most fascinating islands Elada has to offer is a must. Greece enjoys uncountable beautiful islands, depending on their geographical location, and one of these no longer hidden paradises is Corfu. This island, with a total area of 592 square kilometers and a coastline of 216 kilometers, is the second largest Ionian island, next to Kefalonia, and is regarded as one of the greenest places in the region, boasting of lush vegetation that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Of course, this mountainous, of natural beauty island is known worldwide for its amazing landscapes and beaches, many of them considered unique due to their marvelous location. But Corfu is fascinating not only through its natural, God-given beauty, but also through its history marked by Venetian influence, its architecture, through its traditional, tucked away from modernity villages.


Business model

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SAS offering is built on a broad network with frequent departures to, from and within Scandinavia. We have an attractive product with a high degree of freedom of choice, designed for travelers’ business and leisure travel. Through our EuroBonus program, we reward our customers for their loyalty.

Our travel and cargo services are built on a production model in which SAS produces traffic on larger traffic flows with a uniform aircraft fleet, while smaller flows and regional traffic are flown via business partners (wet lease). Aircraft operations are supported by efficient ground handling services, technical aircraft maintenance and sales organizations together with an attractive product.

SAS makes life easier for people who travel frequently to, from, and within Scandinavia by offering smooth, attractively priced flights for those traveling on business and those traveling privately. We continually develop our services to provide all our travelers with a positive travel experience.

SAS’ strategy is to focus on frequent travelers and to be an airline that rewards its customers for their loyalty to us. The most frequent travelers also have the highest demands when it comes to their travel experience and our products and network are developed with this in mind. This leads to options that benefit all our customers.

Strategic priorities

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SAS has strengthened its strategy for long-term sustainable profitability.

One of SAS’s strategic priorities is to win Scandinavia’s frequent travelers. Our focus is on these customers. If you’re taking five or more flights per year. Altogether, they represent around 60–70% of all flights to Scandinavia.

The industry is increasing. In light of this, SAS has to adapt its operations to remain competitive. We have established standards in London and Malaga. SAS will therefore be able to compete.

One of the SAS’s strategic areas. Our employees are an important prerequisite for our clients to strengthen our offering. Our commitment to our customers has been declining.