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Nightlife in Paris City

May 4, 2019 | Airliner VIP | No Comments

The city of lights, Paris is world famous for many reasons including vibrant nightlife. Paris has so many theatrical and frisky options to enjoy nightlife with your friends, family, and even alone. In terms of nightlife, there are eight distinct and extravagant districts in Paris that are offering entertaining nightlife. Let’s have a look on these nightlife options in Paris.

1- Bastille

This is a theatrical spot to enjoy a vibrant nightlife in Paris. This site remains overloaded with a huge traffic of fun lovers. This nightlife district is lined with vibrant cafes, extravagant nightclubs, nifty bars, and breathtaking music venues where you can enjoy party time. The popular bars and nightclubs include: Sans Sanz, Rue de la Roquette, La Balajo etc.

2- Champ Elysees

This world famous street is the real asset of Paris. It is popular for so many reasons and vibrant nightlife is one among many of these reasons. This street usually remains overcrowded with a heavy traffic of tourists and foreigners. This street offers unique enjoyable options, but to avail any you have to spend a lot of money as it is one the most expensive place in Paris. From trendy shopping spots to vibrant cafes, you can find a lot of theatrical and inimitable nightlife options on this street. Clubbing, dancing, shopping, eating etc are the best entertainments that are available on this extravagant street. The significant nightlife spots at Champ Elysees include: Le Queen, Many Ray etc.

3- Marais

This is a historical site in Paris that has now become a significant nightlife landmark in Paris. It is dotted with a wide variety of entertaining and enjoyable nightlife options. Besides this spot is particular for gay and lesbians, and it also welcomes everyone to have some good time.  The significant entertainment spots in this district where you can enjoy your night in Paris are: Amnesia, Le Central, Au Petit Fer a Cheval, Politburo, and 3W Café etc.

4- Place Vendome & Faubourg St. Honore

It is a consummate nightlife district in Paris that will keep you completely absorbed throughout the period you stay there. It offers a perfect shopping venue where you would love to throw money on chic objects. This place is the favorite nightlife spot of various celebrities, fashion lovers, and elite class of Paris. This site is also world famous for latest fashion happenings, events, and other things related to most recent fashion. The popular spots in this district that you might like visit are: Hotel Costes, the Hemingway Bar etc.

5- Oberkampf

This district is famous for chic Parisian population. Oberkampf is an ideal nightlife spot for young enthusiasts. This nightlife district contains few of the finest entertaining options in Paris. It remains overfilled with people 24×7. This district is particular for certain nightlife activities such as live concerts, eating out, dancing, gambling etc. The best entertaining options that are situated in this district include: Café Charbon, Au Chat Noir, Cithea, and Nouveau Casino etc.

6- Montemarte & Pigalle

This nightlife is particular for having erotic options. It awakes during midnight and then keeps people awake till the dawn. Clubbing, bars, casinos etc are the popular nightlife options in this district. The significant nightlife spot include: Moulin Rouge, Elysees Montmartre, La Fourmi, and Divan du Monde etc.

7- Belleville

This is another nightlife district in Paris that offers vibrant nightlife options. This nightlife spot is dotted with extravagant bars, classy cafes, and electrifying clubs etc. This is a working class place and sometimes misunderstood by tourists, so you can make the most of this misunderstanding and enjoy theatrical nightlife options with relaxation and ease. The significant nightlife spots that are dotted in this district include: La Fleche d’Or bar and Concert venue, Café cherie, Okubi, La java etc.

8- St. Germain des Pres

This nightlife district is lined with few of the most electrifying bars, clubs, casinos etc. All these nightlife entertainment options altogether are attracting a huge traffic of tourists and regular local visitors. This spot is also popular among students and migrants who come from different parts of the world to Paris for various purposes. This is an expensive place that is exclusively made for tourists. The significant nightlife options in this district are: The Wagg, Coolin, Les Etages etc.
Paris is a complete treat for night owls who direct to Paris for enjoying nightlife.  A large number of vibrant bars, electrifying clubs, classy cafes, chic shopping areas, theaters, live music venues etc are there in Paris to cater almost all types of visitors.

Things to Know About Europe Travel

April 8, 2019 | Airliner VIP | No Comments

If you are first time traveling to Europe and you don’t know what to take with you, how to book hotels, what to leave, and what to visit in Europe then this article will help you to get over these problems. Europe travel guidance can be obtained from any reliable resource, whether it is available on internet or you can take advantage from any tourist guide. Whatever method you select to take guidance for your Europe travel, make sure that you are using a reliable source. The most important things that you must know about Europe travel is clothing, accommodation, mode of transportation, and right destination etc.

Plan an Independent Tour to Europe

This is a good idea to travel to Europe independently. It will reduce your several traveling headaches and you will be able to explore Europe in the way you want. Independent tour to Europe is preferable over guided one because you won’t have to wait for your coach to take you around in Europe. It will bring freedom and above all, independent tour will save your money because if you hire any tour coach then you must have to pay for it.

Choose a Perfect Destination

When you are confirmed that after sometime you are going to visit Europe then at that time these guidelines will help you. First of all choose a destination for your European travel. You will find a long list of different destinations but the ultimate choice is yours. You can take help from European guidebooks, traveling guides, travel advisors etc.


This is the most crucial step in the preparation of Europe travel. You have to carry out an extensive research on internet to know about best accommodation deals. You can take help from different travel agents but most of them are not reliable. You can try out our reliable hotel booking system for searching the best hotel for your stay. Not only that you can rely on our budget accommodation packages.
Different accommodation options are available in different European destinations such as vacation houses, rental rooms, hotels, motel, guest house etc. Advance booking at any of yours choice accommodation is a wise thing. On one hand advance booking will save your time and money and on the other hand it will reduce your efforts and traveling headaches.

  • Tour to an unfamiliar place
  • If you are going to visit a place to which you are totally unfamiliar then follow these important steps:
  • Learn few polite words of the native language of that place
  • Search on internet about that place
  • Search about people
  • Find Cheap Flight

This is another important step while preparing for European travel. Search for cheap and reasonable airfares by using internet or local tour guides. You can also search for discount airfare packages that are available on different destinations. Make photocopy of all of your important documents and keep one with you while leave one with your reliable pal or you can also save them in your online data storage facility such as sky drive etc.

Transportation during European Travel

You have to choose the mode of transportation that you will use during your European travel. You can search it on internet, as well. Find out the best suited transportation method for you. Evaluate every available option and make an estimate regarding to your budget. Besides budget, take your personal safety into consideration while choosing any of the transportation modes for moving around in Europe. Evaluate whether renting a car will suit you or transportation through train will be feasible for you.

What to carry?

If you’ll travel to Europe in cold season then you must carry warm clothing. If you’ll travel to Europe during warm season then carry light clothes and those that can be easily dryable. One thing must be in your clothing in any case that is walking shoes. Keep these things with you:

  1. Camera
  2. Travel Insurance
  3. Convertible Bag
  4. Basic Medicines
  5. Credit Cards

Don’t get your bag over loaded with unnecessary stuff. Carrying unnecessary stuff will bound you to explore Europe in a more convenient way.

Final Checking

Now after taking all above measures its time to look upon your preparations once again. Make sure that you have selected an appropriate destination in Europe. You are well aware of the destination you’ve selected. Check again the luggage that you are going to carry with yourself. Make sure that you have taken all the precautionary measures before leaving for Europe travel such as you’ve made photocopies of your important traveling documents, you’ve taken traveling insurance etc.

In the long and short, indubitable travel to Europe will bring lots of happiness and unforgettable memories but for making your tour unforgettable you must know about certain things. We have discussed few while you can search for more to help yourself and make your Europe travel unforgettable in a good way. The basic requirement for planning any travel tour is your dedication towards it, your personal interest, and eagerness.

Convenient and rewarding global travel

February 21, 2019 | Airliner VIP | No Comments

Through alignment and coordination of the airline members’ route network, high-quality travel services, as well as joint utilization of the Members’ airport facilities etc., Star Alliance is offering its customers:

Convenient access to a truly global route network with shorter and easier connections at key hubs
Flexible, seamless and reliable travel experience
Worldwide rewards and recognition of frequent flyer status and related priority services.
SAS EuroBonus members can earn and redeem points on all Star Alliance airlines as well as enjoy the same kind of frequent flyer privileges and benefits when traveling with other Star Alliance airlines as you are entitled to when traveling with SAS.

All while enjoying the unique traditions and cultures of each of the individual member airlines.

Aircraft on order

February 21, 2019 | Airliner VIP | 1 Comment

SAS modernizes and upgrades the aircraft fleet in order to invest in the future and improve the environmental performance. In 2018, SAS decided to order an additional 50 Airbus A320neo aircraft with deliveries until 2023. This order means SAS for the first time will have a single-type fleet, that consists of the market’s most efficient short- and medium-haul aircraft in terms of cost and environment. SAS is modernizing its short and long-haul fleet with new aircraft, taking deliveries of new Airbus A320neo, Airbus A330 Enhanced and Airbus A350’s aircraft until 2023. Combined with upgrades of the cabin interiors this will further modernize the aircraft fleet for the future. SHORT-HAUL SAS is investing in new Airbus A320neo and will by 2023 have at least 80 aircraft in service. Moreover, SAS has some options from the Manufacturer and have the possibility to increase the number of aircraft that can be leased from lessors. Alongside existing aircraft, this also creates flexibility for growth under the right circumstances. All of the aircraft will be equipped with SAS’s high-speed Wifi and have SAS’s appreciated new cabin interiors.