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Places To See In Barcelona

May 11, 2019 | Galleries | No Comments

Barcelona is the capital city of Spain and it is one of popular and favorite tourist destinations in Europe. Barcelona contains finest tourist attractions in the world. These places are highly appreciated among travel lovers. If are heading to Barcelona for visiting best tourist points and you don’t have any idea what to see then this article will help you. We have enlisted some major tourist points of Barcelona in our list, here they are.

Sagrada Familia

It is officially called as the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. This is a great piece of architecture that is undergoing a construction phase since 1882. It is a private property and designed by a great architect Antoni Gaudi. It is a roman catholic church and according to careful estimates its construction will end by the year 2026. This church is undeniably spectator architecture. Its interior is still not open for tours and public worship but by the September 2010 people will be allowed to enter this church.

Aquarium Barcelona

This is really an amazing place that you must not want to miss while exploring Barcelona. This is an underwater aquarium that was built by Aspro Group. It’s a great fun to watch different aquatic animals swim around you while walking with ease in an underwater tunnel. This is actually based on an array of 35 different aquariums that are placed in the Port Vell. These aquariums contain 11, 000 animals that belong to 450 different species.


It is a sightseeing village that is located on the hills in Barcelona, Spain. This village contains famous, entertaining and historical points and buildings such as Fundacio Joan Miro, botanical gardens, Olympic museum, the Catalan museum, the Palau Nacional etc. More interestingly, this village is popular for having replicas of almost all the popular and significant buildings and architecture of Spain. This village contains a significant market that contains traditional crafts shops. These shops are totally filled with pure made in Spanish goods.

FC Barcelona Museum

FC Barcelona museum is the official museum of Football Club Barcelona. It is located adjacent with the FC Barcelona stadium. This museum contains trophies, statues, and memorable pictures of great football players of FC Barcelona. Besides taking a tour of museum visitors can take a tour of its pavilion, press conference rooms, VIP lounges etc.

Font Magica fountain

Font Magica fountain is one of the significant tourist point in Barcelona. It holds great importance as it attracts visitors towards it.  This fountain is a great combination of music, lights, and water that dance on the music.

Barcelona Zoo

This is a remarkable tourist destination in Barcelona, Spain. This zoo is popular because it was the hometown of albino gorilla called Snowflake. Unfortunately, snowflake died in 2003. This zoo is enlisted on the top most visited places of Barcelona. This zoo contains a separate children zoo where your children can meet a wide variety of animals.

National Art Museum of Catalonia

It is great museum that is dedicated to the visual art work. It is based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. This museum is the part of Palau Nacional that is located in the Montjuic village. This museum came into being after the merging of two former museums and declared as the national museum of Spain. This museum is featured with the great collection of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Romanesque art works.

Picasso Museum

It is a significant art museum that is dedicated to the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. This museum is based on five gothic buildings located in La Ribera of Barcelona. This museum is ranked among the top most frequently visited museums in Spain. This museum contains a large collection of great pieces of art by Picasso. Picasso’s great paintings are arranged in a chronological manner. It is a must explore museum.

Pedrera – Casa Mila

This building is really a great architectural wonder. It was built in the year 1912 and designed by a famous Catalan architect Antoni Guadi. It lies in Bracelona, Catalonia, Spain. It was especially designed to pay tribute to a married couple, Rosario Segimon and Pere Mila. It attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Imax Cinema, Barcelona

IMAX is a well known chain of motion picture cinema that is located in almost all the major countries of the world. This cinema is located in Barcelona and it lies next to the famous aquarium of Barcelona. If you are fond of watching movies then try out this cinema in Barcelona during your visit to Barcelona.

Fundacio Joan Miro

It is one of the finest museums of modern arts in Barcelona, Spain.  This museum is dedicated to the great work of a great artist Joan Miro. The building of this museum is itself an undeniably great example of modern art. This museum is popular among art lovers.  This museum contains an extensive collection Miro art work that includes sculptures, sketches, and tapestries.

Above mentioned places are some of the best places in Barcelona that are highly appreciated by a large number of tourists. These places remain flocked by a heavy traffic of tourists and visitors.

Vacations in Switzerland

April 1, 2019 | Galleries | No Comments

Switzerland is like a heaven on earth. It is glowing with all of its rugged alpines, unique fauna and flora, crystal clear lakes, and snow capped mountains etc. Here are certain activities that you might like doing while spending vacations in Switzerland. Switzerland countryside is such a sightseeing and captivating attraction in Switzerland.

Enjoy Hiking in Switzerland

While spending vacations in Switzerland, hiking is one of the great activities that you might like doing. The high mountains that are capped with layers of milky snow will captivate you and give you a feel of floating in clouds. The fresh air on these mountains will refresh your internal system and boost your energy. This refreshing air is also important in getting recovered from any illness. Hiking itself is a healthy activity and revives the slept functions of internal body systems and when hiking is carried out in Switzerland’s mountains then the chance of getting sick becomes lesser than ever. Switzerland is a perfect place to revitalize your internal body system by inhaling the refreshing air of Switzerland’s mountains and mountainous areas where there is no pollution.

Skiing in Switzerland

Skiing is another great activity that could keep you busy through out your vacations in Switzerland. People around the world especially visit Switzerland to fulfill their dreams of skiing in a heavenly place. The perfect naturally made slopes that are covered with cottony snow are there to mesmerize you. These snow covered slopes are perfect for skiing. You can also gondolas to explore the upper parts of mountains while to come down by taking a slope slide is itself a great and unforgettable fun. You can take help from the authentic and recommended maps that have issued by Switzerland. These maps indicate the perfect point for skiing.

Explore Ancient Switzerland

Switzerland has a rich history and it contains a valuable and prominent historical heirloom. There are a large number of ancient castles that are located in different places in Switzerland. These castles are the speaking evidence of the precious heritage that Switzerland got from its ancient dwellers. You can easily explore ancient Switzerland by visiting few must see places; these include torture chambers, wine storage, weapon rooms etc. All these places are well preserved and well maintained and they are existed with their original furnishing for many hundred years. These ancient places are also used by Swiss people to hold exhibitions and other festivals.

Enjoy Festivals and Carnivals

Several festivals and carnivals are held in different places of Switzerland. You can enjoy any of these carnivals and festivals if they take place during your vacationing period. These carnivals are held annually and Zurich and Bern hosts these carnivals.

Swiss Cuisines

Swiss cuisines are light and tasteful. You can enjoy Swiss cuisines at any local restaurant. The main specialties of Swiss cuisines are potatoes, cheese, breads, and cold cuts. The most significant cuisines are racclette and fondue. Tomotoes are the part of almost all cuisines of Switzerland.

Enjoy Swimming in Limmat

This river flows in Zurich and people like swimming here. This river doesn’t contain any pollutant and a many fishes that are of different species and human friendly live in this river.

Biking to explore more

Bikes are easily available on rent in Switzerland and you can easily get any bicycle to explore the small areas and towns of Switzerland. Biking is one of the most loved activities in Switzerland. It becomes easier to explore those remote areas and wonderful places through biking that can’t be reachable through cars and other vehicles.

Explore Villages

Switzerland contains an array of small towns and villages. These villages contain a stream of beautiful mountains. You can take a tour to these villages and enjoy village life with amiable people of these villages. You can also enjoy traditional food in these villages and enjoy hiking around towering mountains. Only native people can guide you about the complex paths of these mountainous areas and villages.

Switzerland is one of the most captivating tourist destinations on the planet earth. After reaching Switzerland, wherever you see and no matter how far you could see, you could only find the snow capped and snow covered mountains with snow capped green trees that are dotted on these snowy areas. Crystal clear rivers and lakes are there to cherish your aesthetic sense.

There are a lot of activities that you might want to do when having vacations in Switzerland. All these activities are captivating and have something unique to explore in them. From skiing on snowy slopes to hiking on green and tall mountains and from swimming with fishes to biking in the congested paths of small villages, you can make your vacations in Switzerland truly unforgettable. Enjoy your vacations in with the activity you like the most to carry out in Switzerland.

Strategic priorities

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SAS has strengthened its strategy for long-term sustainable profitability.

One of SAS’s strategic priorities is to win Scandinavia’s frequent travelers. Our focus is on these customers. If you’re taking five or more flights per year. Altogether, they represent around 60–70% of all flights to Scandinavia.

The industry is increasing. In light of this, SAS has to adapt its operations to remain competitive. We have established standards in London and Malaga. SAS will therefore be able to compete.

One of the SAS’s strategic areas. Our employees are an important prerequisite for our clients to strengthen our offering. Our commitment to our customers has been declining.