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What to do in Spain

June 1, 2019 | Lodging & Travel | No Comments

Spain is one of the peachy and most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. It holds great importance because of its sightseeing places and great archaic heritage. Here we have created a list of best things to do in Spain while traveling. This will help you to explore Spain in a better way.

Calat Alhambra, Granada

This is a must explore place in Spain. It is a beautiful and unique fortress complex that is spread over a large area of city center. it is the speaking evidence of Islamic architecture. It was built in the Moorish rule in the 14th century. It will take your whole day to explore it completely. This place becomes overcrowded during summer season. So if you are planning to visit this place in summer then purchase your tickets in advance.

Spanish Festivals

Spain is popular of having different festival activities and in almost every town and village unique festivals held. Bullrunning of Pamplona is one of the biggest festivals in Spain. You can enjoy this festival but make sure that you have taken security measures before attending this festival. Other major festivals include Fireworks of Las Fallas, Festividad de San Sebastian, Festival de Jerez, Fiesta de los Patios etc.

Explore Gaudi’s artwork

Guadi is the historical artists of Spain and he designed a large number of buildings in Barcelona. It is really worth wile to explore Guadi’s great architectural work in Barcelona.  The perfect place to Guadi’s artwork is Prac Guell. This place is loaded with the architectural work of Guadi.

Enjoy Tapas

Tapas are the specialty of Spain. If you really want to feel the real spirit of traveling to Spain then eat tapas by sitting in any of the popular bar with a drink.
Watch Bullfighting
This is one of the highlighted activities in Spain. It is a great fun to watch it live in a ground. It is a must see activity ion Spain.

Enjoy Flamenco

Flamenco would attract you and hold you in its magic for a long time. It is a day time traditional folk music of Spain. The best place to enjoy Flamenco is Seville.

Visit Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

This great museum contains an extensive collection of two major and significant artists of the past century. These artists are Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. There are three distinct museums in Madrid that are must see places and contains a major part of the collection of these two famous and great artists.

Take a tour to Segovia

Segovia contains two great heirloom of archaic Spain. One is Alcazar and other one is Roman Aqueduct castles. These two castles are a great piece of art and significant landmarks.

Enjoy eating Paella

It is another food specialty of Spain. Various restaurants are offering this unique, tasteful and appetizing food. This food is available with a great variety and the most popular version of the paella is that made up of meat instead of seafood.

Explore Balearic Islands

These are the four islands that are located in the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. These islands are the peachiest islands in Spain. Full of natural beauty and realness that would give you a fresh feel of nature and the greenery will absorb you in it.

Visit Mezquita de Cordoba

This place is one the finest examples of Muslim artworks. It is truly a speaking evidence of unique contribution of Muslim cultural uniqueness to the Spanish cultural diversity.

Costa del Sol

This place remains over crowded with a heavy traffic of travelers and tourists that especially comes to visit this place from all over the world. This place is a great example of the combination of recreational, historical great pieces, and diverse cultures.

Fall in Love with Picos de Europe

This place will make you fall in love with it. It is undeniably outstanding and awesome tourist destination in Spain. It is flourished with snow capped, royal blue water, and rugged peaks. You can enjoy hiking, dining in, and refreshing air here.

Sagrada Familia

This church is a matchless piece of artwork that was designed by a history creator architect Antoni Guadi. This church is still under construction but it receives a heavy stream of tourists and travelers every year.

Walls of Avila

It is mustn’t miss place on any account. This wall is important in two aspects. One is its unique architecture and alignment while other one is its quality to protect the town from the burning sun rays and heat. You can take a tour of walking along the Avila walls to catch a beautiful view of the countryside and town.

FC Barcelona Stadium and Museum

FC Barcelona is one of the famous football stadiums in the world. It is located in Barcelona, Spain. This stadium can accommodate a large number of spectators. This stadium contains a football museum that lies in its proximity. This museum and stadium remains open for tourists and visitors throughout the year.

Barcelona Aquarium

This unique is located underwater and offers a great enjoyment. It is consisted on 35 different aquariums that contain a wide variety of sea animals and all of them are of different species. You can enjoy seeing a shark swimming around you by walking in the 80 meter long underwater tunnel that is surrounded by the glass barred sea.

Tap Dance

Enjoy the best of best performing art in Spain. Spain’s tap dance is a world’s famous performing art and holds great importance. It is done on some basic techniques and requirements.

Spain is a complete tourist destination that contains almost all the entertaining options required to cherish a traveler. The crown of Spain contains a wide variety of beautiful jewels that ranges from great archaic architectural wonders to peachiest natural beautiful places. If you are going to Spain then you don’t have to worry about what you would do there. This is because Spain contains a lot of exciting and extravagant activities that would keep you busy through out your visit.

Restaurants in Paris

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Paris is world famous for its diverse cuisines. You can easily find a wide variety of cuisines that belong to different cultures, nations, and regions of world in the typical French style. If you are solely moving to Paris just for experiencing traditional French cuisines then you’ll definitely have a “delightful dining tour”. There are no two opinions about the French cuisines’ delightful tastes and French restaurants are justifying their jobs. You can easily find your choice of cuisines that match to your taste at a variety of Parisian restaurants. We have short listed five best restaurants in Paris that you might find really catchy and enjoyable.

Le Violon d’Ingres

This spacious restaurant is direct by few of the leading chefs in Paris. It is offering great deals of delicious cuisines and absorbing ambience. This restaurant is designed for gastronomic visitors. Locals as well as tourists, all types of visitors are equally warmed welcome and well treated here.

Blue Cargo

This restaurant is offering various entertaining options such as bar, pool, delightful cuisines etc. The ambience is very enchanting and relaxing. The Blue Cargo is perfect for having business or private lunches or dinners. Enjoy music with a wide range of tasteful drinks and foods.

Spoon – Food and Wine

It is perfect for those who like spoon feeding, and particularly if spoon feeding is delightful. Local Parisians as well as foreign visitors flock here to enjoy best food in Paris in a pure Parisian style.


Paris is world famous for diversity in its cuisines and a large number of people visit Paris every year just to enjoy its cuisines. If you are Italian food lover then no reason left to ignore this restaurant in Paris. A variety of Italian cuisines are available here and being served in particular Parisian style.

Sans Sanz

It is a classy bar and restaurant that offers a wide variety of delightful cuisines and traditional French winery. You can enjoy an unforgettable hang out at this restaurant.

What to see when visiting Glasgow

April 3, 2019 | Lodging & Travel | No Comments

Glasgow doesn’t require any introduction as tourists know its real worth. Here I have chosen few best tourist attractions in Glasgow that would reduce your worries about what to see when visiting Glasgow. Glasgow is the hometown of great museums and art galleries. Why not start discussing its best tourist attractions without wasting a second!

The Burrell Collection

Name says it all! This great collection was gifted to Glasgow by the great art collector Sir William Burrell and his wife Constance. Sir William Burrell particularly collected all the great work and created such a precious collection. This extensive collection includes gothic art, tapestries, and alabasters, English oak interior, European paintings, particularly of Degas and Cezanne artwork, and stained glass interiors. There are 9, 000 unique pieces of art and craft works including all above mentioned particular work. Not only that but Islamic artwork, modern sculpture (that particularly includes Epstein and Rodin work), and an extensive collection from art work from China, Greece, Egypt, and Rome are also the part of this collection. Enjoy walking through the corridors under the arches and enjoy watching beautiful artwork.

Gallery of Modern Art

It is the second most frequently visited art gallery that lies outside London. Several exhibitions and art programs are organized to promote art and crafts. This gallery contains a great collection of local and international artists. This gallery is reachable from any part of Glasgow as it is located in the centre of the city. The main building of this gallery is the unique combination of modern and old architectural work. This building is designed by several eminent artists. This art gallery remains busy through out the year. On one hand, this gallery exhibits several particular activities to promote new artists and young generation while on the other hand this gallery is popular among new audience.

Glasgow Cathedral

This is a historically important cathedral as it was built on the places where the first bishop of the British kingdom of Strathclyde, was considered to have buried during AD 612. It is a speaking evidence of well preserved and well maintained gothic architectures that was rebuilt during 13th to 15th centuries.

Glasgow Science Centre

It is based on three distinct parts; these are Science Mall, IMAX, and Tower. Science Mall consisted on cafes, exhibits, and shops. It is perfect place to learn and know about latest discoveries and find outs of science. This mall is flourished with virtual science theatres, labs, science shows, e-learning centre, and Scottish Power Space theatre. IMAX at Science Centre is another attractive place. This IMAX cinema contains a large screen with effective sound system. 2D & 3D pictures display here that would allure you. The last part of Science Centre is the Glasgow Tower. It is the first tower of world that can rotate through 360° from the ground. This tower is 122m tall and it can be seen from old and modern city.

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

This museum and art gallery mainly contains the donated work of William Hunter. He has donated his great collection to the University of Glasgow. This museum was designed by William Stark and a great amount of money was donated by William Hunter for the construction of this museum. These art collections are well preserved and well maintained. This is the oldest museum of Scotland and very popular among art lovers.

The Lighthouse

It is the first devoted national centre for architectural work and design of Scotland. It is working as a connecting link between designs, architecture, seeing, art, and etc. Several exhibitions take places here. This is a significant tourist attraction of Scotland.

Museum of Transport

It is the most famous transport museum in United Kingdom. It gets approximately half million visitors every year. It is equally famous on national and international level. The uniqueness of this museum is extensive collection of vehicles and transportation. It is a good place to learn about the evolution of transportation and the advances that have been occurred in transport sector.

Pollok House

This is another beautiful tourist attraction in Glasgow that attracts high number of visitors towards it. It consists on Spanish art work, antique interiors, silverware, ceramics, and library. It also contains well maintained gardens that are flourished with a wide variety of different species of rhododendrons. Its gardens are connected together through white cart river and these rivers are provided through a bridge. Besides, this estate contains an extensive collection of the paintings and artworks. The artwork collection includes the work of Goya, El Greco, and William Blake etc. It is located on a few minute drives from Glasgow. This land estate is really a great place to spend a relaxing time in Glasgow.
St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art
Glasgow is the city of great and unique museums. This Religious and Art museum exclusively built to pay a tribute to the religious values in the common life. The main objective of this museum is to bring people from different religions and faith closer to each other.

Provand’s Lordship

This is the only remainder of the gothic time of Glasgow city. It is the best place to explore the history of Glasgow. It is open to public and one can easily explore the life of gothic period that was observed by the people pf ancient Glasgow.

The People’s Palace & Winter Gardens

This museum is particularly dedicated to the social history of Glasgow. This museum tells the complete evolutionary story of Glasgow and its native people who have struggled and brought a refreshing change to their city.
Glasgow is a city of great museums and a tour to Glasgow is incomplete without visiting these museums. The particular thing about these museums is their unique specialty such as every single museum is dedicated to a particular and exclusive work. You won’t have to worry about what to see and where to visit in Glasgow because Glasgow contains interesting places that are quite enough to keep you busy through out your tour to Glasgow.

Where to go in United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is the world’s leading and most favorite travel destination. The UK (that includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) contains one of the greatest tourist attractions in the form of matchless museums, unique art and crafts works, scenic places, architectural wonders, captivating countryside, and diverse culture.  All these elements together make the UK a perfect place to visit. It is undeniably matchless tourist attraction.
When it comes to visit UK, it’s really difficult to make a choice among such great options and to decide where to visit, what to explore, and what to leave for next visit. We tried to make it easy for you to select the best places in UK for your next visit; here are some highly recommended places in UK.


Starting with England, London is the greatest and most preferred tourist destination in the world. This is really a spectacular city that allows its tourists to explore the essence of western civilization that includes lush cathedrals, palaces, monuments, and prisons.  London museums are the best entertaining places; these museums are flourished with fine arts, books, science, natural history, medieval weapons, and a lot more. Array of cathedrals and churches are the asset of London’s beauty. Besides, London is a complete box for shopping lovers. It provides best shopping facilities at Harrods, Regent Street shops, and appealing boutiques at Beauchamp Place. London is also there to cater the desires of tourists to enjoy a wide variety of foods and cuisines.


Bath is the preferred tourist destination among hot springs lovers. The most attractive quality of Bath is its Roman Baths, Great Bath, and East & West Baths. Bath is also a perfect place to have relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Enjoy afternoon tea at Pump Room. In Bath, the Royal Crescent’s remarkable architectural pieces are the highly appreciated and one of the core assets of 18th century urban development era.


This city is a doorway to the rural England. It is full of natural beauty such as crystal clear streams, scenic views, sightseeing points, and archaic villages. Oxford University holds great importance for the splendor architecture that it contains. Besides this, Oxford University contains the historical scenic landscapes that are the valuable heirloom of this university. You must not miss out a tour to the spectacular stained glass Christ Church Cathedral.

The Lake District

It lies in the Northwest part of England and it is unique for its beauty. It is the best place for outdoor lovers, as it offers horse riding, hiking, and other outdoor activities. You must engage a local guide if you wish to trek around the Lake District.  The countryside and Lake Windermere are the significant areas of the Lake District.


It is well known for its archaic heirloom. It is a never missed out place in UK.
Cathedral of Canterbury is one of the glorious tourist attractions in United Kingdom. It holds the first position on the list of all glorious cathedrals of United Kingdom. This list contains York, Durham, Winchester, and St. Paul’s cathedrals. The cathedral of Canterbury is important in the religious history of England. The Church of St Martin, ruins of the Abbey of Augustine, and Christ Church Cathedrals are also the must watch places in United Kingdom.


This town is famous for its cathedral. This cathedral is sightseeing place and it gives original feelings that would make you feel yourself the part of history. Durham cathedral is the most popular among all other cathedrals because of its Anglo Norman churches.


Winchester is also popular sightseeing place in England, United Kingdom. It is popular for its cathedral that is unique of its own kind. One of the greatest attractions in Winchester is Great Hall. This is the remainder of Winchester Castle that was constructed in the 13th century. It has lost many real things but still it is highly admirable among tourists.


Scotland is a perfect countryside in United Kingdom. It is spread over irregularly situated villages and cities. Scotland has a great cultural diversity. The great attractions of Scotland include the Highlands, Lothian region, the Grampians, the Trossachs, and the Glassgow.

Northern Ireland

The greatest attractions for tourists in Northern Ireland have destroyed due to clashes between Catholics and Protestants. Due to such clashes tourists faces difficulties to enjoy their trip to Northern Ireland.


The peachy tourist attractions of Wales include unique culture and scenic ground, lush countryside, historical castle, and Snowdonia National Park.

Snowdonia National Park

It is one of the greatest attractions in Wales. It is spread over an area of 800 square miles. It lies in the northwestern area of Wales. It is based on agricultural land, villages, and wildlife.

Castle Country

Wales offers an array of beautiful castles for its tourists. These castles are the monuments of British rule. These castles are well preserved and well maintained. These beautiful castles include Gwynedd, Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Harlech, Conwy, and Ruthun.

Cardiff City

It is the capital city and gateway of Wales. Its significant tourist attraction is the Castell Caerdydd that is also known as the Cardiff Castle.
In the long and short, London is the most significant and peachy tourist attraction in United Kingdom. Start your trip of United Kingdom from London. After exploring London you would never want to leave this beautiful place.

Situated in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of the Italian island, Sicily, the Republic of Malta has been drawing tourists for quite some time. Widely known for its culture, history and romantic atmosphere, this island country can be regarded as a great traveling location. Here are three of the most important places to visit when arriving in Malta.


The world of travel is full of opportunities and new locations. If you want to make your journey worth remembering, then Vietnam is where you should head out. This can be viewed as a real adventure, as you are most likely to get acquainted to a new world. Situated in the Southeast Asia, Vietnam expresses the typical Asian atmosphere. You will get to know a country that has been marked by war all throughout its history and has managed to overcome disasters each time. A people of survivors, Vietnam will certainly impress through a simple lifestyle, full of meaning. Here a few traveling tips of the most important places in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital. You will see why this is one of the most interesting places to visit in Asia.


Go extreme: traveling to Antarctica

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Travel enthusiasts are constantly looking for new places to explore and discover: the cultural European treat, the mysterious Africa, the exciting Americas, exotic Asia or thrilling Australia. But how many can say that they have been to the seventh continent, Antarctica? Not many, for sure. It takes a dedicated traveler to visit this mesmerizing place, full of untouched wonders and surprising beauty. The extreme tourist attraction is different from everything you have ever experienced and it will surpass all of your expectations. After you come back, few things will equal the memorable charm of Antarctica. If you have the chance to set foot in this marvelous land, there is a lot of adventure waiting for you. But you have to be prepared, however, because the white continent has its unique rules.


Five places to visit in a lifeti

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There is no better way to spend your life than traveling. There are so many places that are mind blowing all over the world, even in the most darkest of corners. Amazing buildings, old sites, legendary castles, natural phenomena and so on, this is what travel means. But it happens that sometimes we can make the wrong choice and end up in a city that just isn’t for you. The best thing to do is to enjoy  and try to discover the story behind it. The truth is that no one can manage to see the whole world, but there are some places that you have to visit, so your journey on Earth can be completed. Here is a list for 5 places that are a must in traveling.


Five perfect honeymoon destinations

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Getting married is any woman’s desire. From picking out the dress to the weeding menu, the bride has to deal with everything. So, what better way to reward her for all her trouble, than to give her the honeymoon of her dreams. If you want to make sure that your trip will be the one you hoped for, then pay attention when you choose the destination. There are plenty of travel guides that can give you some ideas about where you could head in your journey.


It’s time to invite your guests to take a tour to your impressive garden. It’s not enough to have a beautiful house, with a forest, sea or mountains view, if you don’t take care of the rest of the yard. And what better way is there to be proud of your achievements, if you don’t invest in nature? The sky-scrapers from New York, a busy, metropolitan area, that’s what everybody wants when they’re young! However, there comes a time when you decide to build a house and start decorating it the way you’ve always dreamt! Here are some amazing ideas for gardens and how to maintain it beautiful.