A cultural holiday in Sankt Petersburg

If your interests are art, history, architecture and this holiday you would like to experience a cultural delight, there is no better destination for you than the former capital of Imperial Russia, Sankt Petersburg. Known in the past under the names of Petrograd and Leningrad, this federal city is a major port in the Baltic Sea, founded by Peter the Great, the famous Russian tsar. For any tourist entering its gates, Sankt Petersburg is an opportunity to contemplate some of the world’s most famous and mesmerizing attractions that range from museums to operas and buildings of a splendid architecture. A holiday in Sankt Petersburg should have at least two weeks if you want to experience the Russian magic to its fullest. With thousands of cultural sites, the city has a rich heritage that allows it to enter the list of the world’s most sought artistic destinations. Many writers were fascinated by the Sankt Petersburg’s atmosphere and tried to capture it in their works. Your holiday here will be unforgettable, both from the historic and the artistic point of view.

What males Sankt Petersburg stand out for culture-loving tourists is the impressive number of museums- over 200. It is important mention to mention that this city has never made any cultural compromises, not even in times of great economical disturbances. Thus, no museums were closed ever since its beginnings, on the contrary, many more were opened. To start with the most notable example, the largest is the Hermitage museum, which delights the visitors with extraordinary art collections and sumptuous interiors specific to Imperial Russia. Other names include the Russian Museum, the Russian Ethnography Museum and the central Naval Museum. Also, the homes of notable Petersburgers were turned into museums: Dostoyevksy, Pushkin, Rimsky-Korsakov or Vladimir Nabokov and many more.  All these buildings are major points of interest and should be visited to as to understand the majesty of Russian cultural life, but they are also marvellous examples of architecture.

While at the topic of architecture, it is important to mention that Sankt Petersburg amazes through the state of preservation of its building. Unlike most tourist attractions, which are a combination of both old and new, this city has maintained its 19th century charm. Practically every structure breathes history: the historic centre, the Peter and Paul cathedral, the Trinity Bridge, the Admiralty building, the Catherine Palace…

No holiday in Sankt Petersburg would be complete without going to a ballet show. The Petersburg School of Ballet has the reputation of one of the world’ most reputable, giving some of the best international dancers. The Mariinsky Ballet is therefore a must see, and so are the city’s many theatres.

With such a busy cultural program, you can catch your breath in one of the astounding gardens and parks, or go on a yacht on the Neva River. The abundance of things to do might seem overwhelming, so it is best if you plan your holiday, so as to make sure you see the highlights. Holidays in Sankt Petersburg are truly surreal and you will certainly come back to enjoy more of its cultural potential.

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