A dream holiday in Barcelona

A dream holiday in Barcelona

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When thinking about Barcelona, the first thing that comes into mind the architectural style of the famous Antonio Gaudi. His work is considered to be unique in the world, due to its nonconformist nature: an architectural style characterized by the inspiration from natural forms and the use of colorful stones in various round constructions. The use of colour is another aspect used by Gaudi, the artist decorating many of the buildings in Barcelona with stones coloured in mosaic style. Barcelona is a lively, bright and charming town, like taken from “Hansel and Gretel”, due to its numerous buildings that seem to be made of gingerbread. The combination of original drawings and vibrant colours offers a true visual delight for the millions of tourists who visit Barcelona every year and charmed by its gothic air, always come back to discover yet more wonders.

By far the most avant garde Spanish town, Barcelona surprises through its tumultuous, bustling and cosmopolitan lifestyle. More international than national, this metropolis gathers a wide diversity of nationalities, cultures and races, a true “auberge espagnole”. An ever-evolving town, the Spanish capital has numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs which give it an exuberant feel. Even Woody Allen, the famous director, was fascinated by this aspect, choosing Barcelona as a location for its acclaimed movie, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”.

But one cannot talk about Barcelona without referring to its rich and flourishing cultural beauty. The Catalan culture is much more sophisticated than in the other Spanish regions, the inhabitants being very proud of their heritage and national identity. No matter where you go in Barcelona, you will be surrounded by a captivating and mysterious gothic atmosphere given not only by the architectural style, but by the spirit of the streets themselves. Barcelona is a town that breathes history, culture and class, so even a simple stroll will leave you with pleasant memories.

Probably the most prominent tourist attraction in Barcelona – and also the symbol of the town – is the Sagrada Familia basilica, Gaudi’s biggest work, still unfinished, but of an incontestable beauty. Its spikes and intricate facades are inspired by the eternity of nature and even without knowing too much about Gaudi’s style, the building will be awe-inspiring. The Balto and Pedrera houses are two more of the Spanish architectural beauties, being a wonderful sight especially at night. Then, there is the Guell Park – a magnificent natural space with buildings and sculptured designed by Antonio Gaudi. Here you can also find the home of the famous architect, which today is open to the public as a museum.
For culture lovers, two additional attractions are the Dali and Picasso museums, where you can learn more about the life and work of the two Spanish painters which gave a breath of life to art as we know it. And if you are looking for fun, Barcelona also has a few surprises for you: the streets are filled with boutiques and shops where you can buy traditional souvenirs and delicious food. Besides, the nightlife is very active and there are pubs and clubs for all tastes.

Dynamic, cosmopolitan, surprising. These are three of the adjectives that describe one of the most important Mediterranean towns, a place which should be in every traveller’s agenda.

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