A trip on top of the world- Tibet, a mystical journey

Many have referred to it as Earth’s rooftop. Situated in Asia, on the peaks of the Himalayas, this Buddhist corner of the world has finally opened its gates to visitors. What any traveler finds on this journey is much more than one could possibly imagine. From bright colors to Asian architecture, Tibet is a lesson of life and power. A single trip to this peaceful corner is not nearly enough, but making the best of a Tibetan week means knowing a bit of their culture.

The small world of Lhasa

There is no better way of discovering Tibet than going to Lhasa, its capital. The spirituality of this place will certainly exceed your expectations, once you get to Potala Palace. There is no better view over Lhasa than from a small window in this Palace. The noble monastery, home to the world famous Dalai Lama and shrine to all Buddhist on Earth, is full of specific Tibetan art. Paintings made with small colored pieces that come together in complete harmony reveal the love for beauty and patience that monks truly have. Small chambers, having thick stone walls will lead you to breathtaking Buddhist temples.

Nearby, there is the golden tower temple Jokhang Temple. Pilgrims find it their calling to reach this temple in the most soulful ways possible. Some spent their journey saying prayers, others refuse to rest until they manage to reach the temple. The spirituality that surrounds this place is remarkable.

Shopping in Tibet

The many treasures of this country are not only in matters of soul, but in art as well. Jokhang Temple holds near it one of the biggest shopping streets in Lhasa. Here, you can find one of kind objects that will magically light your home. The Barkhor Street is truly a cultural sight, as Tibet is telling all about its world through these unique objects. You can find anything here, Tibetan musical instruments, leather bags, home decorations and so on. Tibetan carpets are hand made, mixing great colors. Some can easily become a collector’s item. As a piece of advice, try to avoid taking evening walks on this street, because you might risk getting lost. And also another good advice would be to find a good free life insurance quote before you go there.

Tibetan Tea and Hospitality

The entire world has found out about the hospitality of the Tibetan people. If you want to enjoy the full Tibetan experience, try spending time in their homes. You will be welcomed with wine and food. Tibetan people are cheerful, enjoying new company. After dinner, the guests are invited to take part in a celebration, to sing and dance. In their homes you will discover fascinating Chinese decorations, as well as mysterious tea flavors.

Because in Tibet temperatures can be quite low, they drink butter tea, a salty flavored beverage to warm up. Tourists find it strange, because they associate it with soup.

No matter how many times you visit this exotic destination, you will never be able to find out all its secrets. Still, Tibet is all about discovering one’s self, finding inner peace and balance. Make the best of your trip to this fascinating world .

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