Affordable exotic destinations around the world

There was a time when the concept of exotic destination was something that only wealthy people could benefit from. Yachts, golden beaches and crystal blue seas- these were the ingredients of the perfect holiday, but prices were too high for anyone other than celebrities and tycoons. Fortunately, many countries have decides to maximise their touristic potential and make their wonderful attractions available for the rest of the world as well. Nowadays, going on an exotic holiday for a few weeks is possible for everyone, because prices have dropped considerably and agencies offer many discounts and special offers. Even a small budget is enough for a getaway in a place that seem taken from the most beautiful dreams. If you plan on experiencing something new this year, these destinations are for you.

Probably the most significant reduction in prices has been made by Greece, because of the economic struggle it is going through. From a touristic point of view, there has never been a greater time to pack and get ready to spend blissful moments on the numerous fascinating Greek sites. Everything is affordable, from transport to accommodation and meals and if you go in larger groups than you are most likely to benefit from more consistent discounts. As for the places you can visit, the options are endless. It would take years to see all the exotic and cultural wonders Greece has to offer, but some of the most popular choices are the islands: Rodos, Corfu, Santorini, Crete and many more. You can do almost anything here: relax on perfectly maintained beaches, bathe in the sea, go hiking, scuba diving, windsurfing and of course experience the marvellous local cuisine. Due to the wide diversity of activities, a journey to these islands can be whatever you want it to be: tranquil and serene or wild and exciting. For an extra cultural treat, you can go sightseeing in the capital Athens, where you can learn all about the glorious Greek past.

An iconic tourist destination is Egypt, once known as the cradle of human existence. The places to visit in this region are numerous and need no introduction: from the majestic pyramids to the mirage of the never ending desert, Egypt is awe-inspiring and breathless. Tourists can marvel at the winding Nile or lose themselves on the colourful medieval streets of Cairo. Further north you will find Luxor, an exotic and cultural delight filled with historic buildings and monuments. Between October and April, when temperatures are not too hot, you can also sunbathe and go scuba diving. Besides, experiencing all this does not require too much money. Egypt holidays are now more affordable than ever, both in terms of transport and accommodation.

Last, but not least, Turkey is also a great option if you are looking for something exotic and affordable. Due to the latest discounts in the past years, Turkey actually started to rival against France and Italy. What makes it a complex destination is the diverse combination between culture and excitement. Tourists can have the holiday of a lifetime on the beach and also visit interesting awe-inspiring temples and ruins, all these at very attractive prices.

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