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As the market for high class travel continues to expand, providing exceptional resorts, VIP service and exciting experiences, customers are looking for their next fix; a way to bring their luxury lifestyle along for the ride. Gone are the days of folding maps, train schedules and French dictionaries, in 2013 all a traveller needs is a smart phone. So whether you are backpacking across Europe or enjoying a luxury villa in Bali, before you jet off this summer, take the time to browse through the best of this season’s bespoke apps to tend to your every need.

A butler abroad

Finding your feet on vacation can be a little daunting at times, what with differing transport systems and a whole host of diverse attractions. For your very own personal assistant at a very luxury price, Red Butler offers a one of a kind virtual concierge service on your travels. For about 800 Euro a month, the app grants unlimited requests, from hiring a private car, to booking events and planning your holiday schedule. In addition you’ll receive travel discount and exclusive access to the best events on show. If you plan on a spot of island hopping on your next adventure, download Marquis Jets, a free app that allows you to choose from a huge fleet of personal aircraft to get you from A to B. Browse through private plane capacity, speed and specifications to travel tourist free on your luxury break.

Business brain

For a business traveller, keeping up with current affairs and international markets is an essential part of his trip. Stocks Portfolio for Android is the perfect global financial companion. Combining advanced portfolio management with a user friendly interface, this free download saves your transactions, calculates profits and analyses stock charts, while producing detailed world market data and detailed quotes so that you can spend your money wisely abroad. To keep up with world news, download PressReader, an ingenious application displaying over 2,000 newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries, in over 55 languages. Whether you’re sunbathing outside your private Seminyak villa or sailing on your mega yacht, PressReader offers a cover-to-cover reading experience to get your media kick abroad.

A social travel guide

Understanding your destination is an integral part of your luxury holiday experience, and for fashion queens, Louis Vuitton just took international chic to a whole new level. Created to connect users with tips and advice based on their adventures, Amble opens up a social community of fact and opinion from other like-minded travellers and some of the most iconic figures in showbiz. For a safety net of suggestions, purchase Amble’s in-app guides, full of the designer’s exclusive aesthetic.

Fine dining

We all know good food makes for a good holiday and on a luxury break the stakes are raised to impress even the pickiest of customers. New to the app market from the master of metropolitan restaurant reviews, Zagat to Go offers a year of their rated restaurants in 45 cities for under 10 Euro. Browse eateries offline, reserve a table at your favourite diner and check in using Foursquare integration, all at the tap of a screen. Couple your search for trending luxury cuisine with the Wine Ratings Guide, the self-acclaimed ‘largest wine database in the world’. Search through a range of categories such as food pairings, region and grape variety, to find the best rated wine for your dinner party.

VIP Black

VIP Black is the ultimate luxury app for millionaire travellers. Described as the first and only premium lifestyle application for the iPhone, the membership only download serves as an exclusive go-to guide for your every vacation need. Receive special upgrades, priority access and full concierge service at a huge number of bespoke partners, from five star restaurants to superior private hotels, all at the click of a button. Upon download, you must certify that your assets and income exceed one million British Pounds to secure the benefits and explore how VIP Black can manage your lifestyle. The one year renewable membership offers all aspects of a VIP lifestyle at the tap of a finger and now features an on-demand Concierge Service to make your overseas experience feel just like home.

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