Corfu – an island of endless beauty

Greece is a destination for nature lovers, for those who enjoy the gentle breeze of an amazingly blue sea, for those longing for a peaceful time under a shade-giving pine tree. Greece is synonymous with breathtaking scenery, unspoiled countryside, hospitality and generosity and in general is an ideal retreat when in search of escaping the mundane tumultuous life.
Its mainland is impressive, but if you’re really looking for a life-changing experience, then a trip to some of the most fascinating islands Elada has to offer is a must. Greece enjoys uncountable beautiful islands, depending on their geographical location, and one of these no longer hidden paradises is Corfu. This island, with a total area of 592 square kilometers and a coastline of 216 kilometers, is the second largest Ionian island, next to Kefalonia, and is regarded as one of the greenest places in the region, boasting of lush vegetation that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Of course, this mountainous, of natural beauty island is known worldwide for its amazing landscapes and beaches, many of them considered unique due to their marvelous location. But Corfu is fascinating not only through its natural, God-given beauty, but also through its history marked by Venetian influence, its architecture, through its traditional, tucked away from modernity villages.

Clear waters

A journey to Kerkira, the Greek name of the island, will allow you to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views one can experience in a lifetime, to feel nature in its unspoiled form and to meet people who haven’t lost their patience, their kindness and desire to help in these modern, colder times. A day-trip to Mount Pantokrator or to Lakones, places of unseen beauty where one can enjoy marvelous views over the mountains and the Paleokastritsa bay with its crystal-clear turquoise waters, will bring you the serenity you longed for. Corfu’s beauty truly knows no bounds and a visit to the Kaiser’s Throne in Pelekas or to the Achilleion Palace built for the empress of Austria, Elisabeth, also known as Sisi, will prove that statement. In addition to that, a stroll along Corfu Town’s promenade, boasting of well-preserved Venetian style buildings, lovely cafes and restaurants and souvenir shops will complete the idyllic image of this blessed region. But of course, what really attracts thousands of visitors more than anything is the multitude of amazing beaches. Whether you’re looking for a wide, with great facilities beach, whether for a small one, hidden in a bay, whether you are a fan of pebble, shingle or sandy beaches, every taste is guaranteed to be satisfied.

The rocky clifs

If you happen to arrive on this unique island, make sure you don’t miss the amazing bay of Paleokastritsa boasting of three beautiful little beaches. Another huge attraction point located in the lively and busy resort of Sidari is the Canal d’Amour, an area with a particular rock formation that exhibits a series of intriguing coves and canals. One of the most sought-after spots, where almost all travelers end up, is the Kanoni hill, which offers some spectaculars views of the Mouse Island and the church of Vlacherna. As said before, Corfu’s beauty knows no boundaries. It’s a special place, where one can certainly regain his composure and where life has a slower, more peaceful pace. It’s a place to leave all worries behind and contemplate nature’s miracles.

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