Explore the impressive world-wide gardens

It’s time to invite your guests to take a tour to your impressive garden. It’s not enough to have a beautiful house, with a forest, sea or mountains view, if you don’t take care of the rest of the yard. And what better way is there to be proud of your achievements, if you don’t invest in nature? The sky-scrapers from New York, a busy, metropolitan area, that’s what everybody wants when they’re young! However, there comes a time when you decide to build a house and start decorating it the way you’ve always dreamt! Here are some amazing ideas for gardens and how to maintain it beautiful.

Hand made objects are mesmerizing! Fountains, paved alleys, flower patrols and the wooden gazebo are elements which should not miss form a garden. Apart from that, they complete the fresh cut, green lawns. Each spring you have to deal with a lot of problems, to make your garden shine once more. But that’s the beauty of having a large residence. You get to make decorations according to your taste and what you’ve seen in the visited botanic gardens. In fact, that’s where designers get inspired from. If you take a closer look at the Villa Cimbrone, situated on the Amalfi Coast, you’ll see much green around there. Beautiful bushes in different sizes and shapes and the green lawn along with an antique house brings you straight back to the past. But if you love colors and flowers, you’d better check out the royal gardens from Vienna. Lots of red flowers positioned in different shapes are surrounding a gorgeous fountain situated in the middle of the field. For a more decorative procedure, with paved alleys, fountains, flowers and small trees, you get inspiration from the mesmerizing Generalife in Spain. Filled with roses, it truly shows the passion and devotion towards nature, bringing you back to the 21st century within the winds of prosperity and purity. Both the elements and the shapes count in gardening. So it’s best to look for that special trim to fit the frame and create the aspired ambient.

Further on, France has its apart beauty found in the Versailles Gardens, spread along the Grand Canal. The geometric shapes, the paths, the amazing flower beds and the lakes are perfect to surprise a beautiful sunset in nature. Not to mention the amazing sculptures, another element which looks too good when placed in gardens. You can have those elements in your back yard as well, through you might not have a wide terrain to expand your garden. With a bit of here and there from each of these breath taking gardens you may design the perfect place to capture a twilight with a cup of refreshing tea alone or accompanied. As mentioned above, paves are extraordinary to apply in a garden. But this doesn’t mean you have to follow the YU Gardens from Shanghai, where there’s plenty of rocky designs and sculptures. Small alleys leading towards a centered water spray, a small waterfall or a sprinkle fountain would be enough. Also add flowers, lots of them. Plant a few trees here and there and don’t forget to build a small wooden house where you can rest in the rainy afternoons.  Holland is known to provide all colored tulips, while Bulgaria is the country of roses. Have any lakes around? Then it’s time to take Courances Castle Gardens from France as an example. The flowing water over the green, covered with moss and lichen rocks, in a shadowed by the tall and impressive trees frame, couldn’t be described in words!

Terraces, green lawns, fruit trees, flower beds, sculptures and small designs from paves, fountains and wooden elements all combined together could bring your garden on the top of the world-wide most beautiful gardens in the world! Gardens should be viewed as another room to the house, one full of nature and life, which rejuvenates your condition through the breath taking view it offers!

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