Five perfect honeymoon destinations

Five perfect honeymoon destinations

March 12, 2019 | Lodging & Travel | No Comments

Getting married is any woman’s desire. From picking out the dress to the weeding menu, the bride has to deal with everything. So, what better way to reward her for all her trouble, than to give her the honeymoon of her dreams. If you want to make sure that your trip will be the one you hoped for, then pay attention when you choose the destination. There are plenty of travel guides that can give you some ideas about where you could head in your journey.

Still, here are some of the places that seem to appeal to many newlyweds these days. The first on the list is Santorini, in Greece. Santorini is an old volcanic island, that has been carefully preserved. The architecture you will find is full of the Greek Style, small white rock houses, with blue windows packed with flowers. If you want to go all the way, you can choose a very specific transport on this island, which is the donkey. The island offers you a wide range of luxurious hotels, but don’t give up on the small boarding houses. This way you will be fully experiencing the Greek adventure.

If you are looking for a romantic, cultural experience, then look at offers for Italy. The best  location to impress your bride is Venice. It is one of the few cities on water in the world, so that definitely makes it a sight to see. The most famous place in Venice is the San Marco square, which takes you to a breath taking cathedral. Just imagine a great marble square, full of white pigeons, that follow your shadow. Not to mention that here is the place where you will taste the best possible ice cream. There is no better occasion, than a honeymoon, to enjoy this city.

You have already seen Venice, but you loved the feeling of going back in time. Another destination that seems to be more and more appreciated is the peninsula of Istria in Croatia. You can’t find a better place to enjoy a glass of delicious white wine, after eating their famous truffle dishes, made with olive oil. Staying in Istria, even for a few days, makes you feel as if you are a member of the noble family.
A word that has a ring to it is Maya. It seems that this world has grown from a ruin to a place of rebirth. Everyone seems to be talking about the wonders of some Maya corners, like Mexico or Honduras. However, if you are looking for the perfect cultural experience, then travel as far as Guatemala. Close to this city, you will find aboriginal communities, that have no contact with the world of technology. Fabrics, materials, spices and not to mention the historical charge, are all unique souvenirs for you to take home.

The last tip is a small piece of Heaven. Koh Lipe is Thailand’s sunny Paradise. There is no better way to reward your bride than azure waters, sparkling sand and a cooling breeze. Just picture yourself on an empty, wild beach. Moreover, if you are a diving fanatic, then you should know that Koh Lipe waters hold some of the most exotic fish you will ever see.

No matter where you decide to go on your honeymoon, the best tip anyone could give is to enjoy yourself. Try to choose a destination, that will give you the chance to discover each other and to make the best of this occasion.

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