Go extreme: traveling to Antarctica

Go extreme: traveling to Antarctica

March 12, 2019 | Lodging & Travel | No Comments

Travel enthusiasts are constantly looking for new places to explore and discover: the cultural European treat, the mysterious Africa, the exciting Americas, exotic Asia or thrilling Australia. But how many can say that they have been to the seventh continent, Antarctica? Not many, for sure. It takes a dedicated traveler to visit this mesmerizing place, full of untouched wonders and surprising beauty. The extreme tourist attraction is different from everything you have ever experienced and it will surpass all of your expectations. After you come back, few things will equal the memorable charm of Antarctica. If you have the chance to set foot in this marvelous land, there is a lot of adventure waiting for you. But you have to be prepared, however, because the white continent has its unique rules.

First of all, it is clear that Antarctica, the most southern geographical area, is the land of the extremes. During summer, which is also the only time when tourism is possible, the temperature does not go higher than 15ÂșC and you need to be aware of the risk of catching a cold. Winter equipment is vital, and so is a visit to your doctor, to make sure that your body is ready for the climate. Also, because the whole region is covered in ice, you risk slipping and suffering injuries, so if you know that you have a frail health, perhaps a less demanding destination is suitable for you. Cruise ships are usually the most popular way of traveling to Antarctica, the journey lasting for a long time, so stay away if you suffer from sea sickness. Antarctica is an uninhabited land- the only people living there are scientists and researchers- so you cannot expect local accommodation. Therefore, sleeping and food facilities are included on the ship.

Antarctica is an environmentally protected area, so tourists have to respect very strict rules. No more than 100 people are accepted on land at a time and you are strictly prohibited from leaving behind  anything but footsteps. Naturally, all tours will be supervised by professional travel guides who will make sure that both you and the natural fauna remain safe.

If you understand these specific challenges, then you are ready to experience Antarctica at its fullest. Do not be fooled by the fact that it is an uninhabited, endless frozen land. The sights are absolutely spectacular and you could just stay and admire the shimmering white for hours in a row, marveling at the majestic natural beauty. The harsh weather conditions make it impossible for flora to develop, but the fauna will leave you breathless. The primary attraction are sea creatures, such as seas and whales, in their natural environment, and of, course, penguins, which are a delight for all animal lovers. The colonies of Emperor

Penguins, in particular, will amaze you.

All in all, a visit to Antarctica is a cultural privilege that few people have and it is probably one of the most astonishing things to experience in a lifetime. The memory will remain forever and few things will rise to the splendor of the white continent.

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