Hanoi,Vietnam, an Asian travel experience

The world of travel is full of opportunities and new locations. If you want to make your journey worth remembering, then Vietnam is where you should head out. This can be viewed as a real adventure, as you are most likely to get acquainted to a new world. Situated in the Southeast Asia, Vietnam expresses the typical Asian atmosphere. You will get to know a country that has been marked by war all throughout its history and has managed to overcome disasters each time. A people of survivors, Vietnam will certainly impress through a simple lifestyle, full of meaning. Here a few traveling tips of the most important places in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital. You will see why this is one of the most interesting places to visit in Asia.

Ba Dinh District, the Old quarter

Hanoi is not only the capital city of this Asian country, but it is also the most important traveling destination for tourists. This great city expresses the message send out by Vietnam, a blend of architectural styles, from the Chinese pointed houses to the French buildings. Traditional outfits worn by women come in contact with the modern two wheel scooters, the basic transport method  in Hanoi. As for the Old Quarter, this is considered as the busiest spot in the entire metropolis. Here is where you will find French classic architecture, the well known crowded Asian streets, packed with cars which are making their way around side walkers. The streets,which make this quarter bear the same name as 1000 years ago. From impressive buildings like the Hanoi Opera House or the National Museum of History to the Bach Ma temple or the busy Hanoi market, tourists can fully appreciate the beauty of this spot and they may even find some Asian garden gifts to bring to their loved ones from home.

The ‘Hanoi Hilton’

The famous Hanoi prison, known as the Hao Lo Prison, was ironically named the Hanoi Hilton, as American pilots were captured and tortured here during the Vietnam War. This fortress is a real tourists attraction, allowing visitors to understand Vietnam’s war history. It is said that this French building, with a capacity of 600 prisoners, used to house a number of 2,000 revolutionaries, some of which were executed. A guillotine is put on display, so all tourists can be aware of the suffering the Vietnam people went through in order to accomplish their dream, the state’s independence. Today, the Hanoi Hilton has been successfully turned into a museum and is situated on the Hao Lo Street.

Ba Vi National Park

Vietnam is also known for its incredible natural spots and for this reason a great location for all tourists is the Ba Vi National Park. This is where you will observe nature in its most impressive shape. The Ba Vi National Park was originally created during the French colonization and since then the Hanoi government has made it its purpose to take care of this amazing natural sight. You will need to take a 2 hour drive in order to reach this destination, but you will not regret it. Close to the temple located in this national park, you will get the chance to  enjoy an orchid garden, a typical sign of the Asian culture. Actually, the entire natural sight is designed to celebrate the old Vietnamese architecture. In this magnificent place, tourists can find some of the most beautiful Asian garden gifts to take home with them and keep as souvenirs.

One should not regard a trip to Hanoi as a adventurous travel experience, but on the contrary. What you will see here will provide you with a moment of tranquility and peace. Hanoi, one of the most interesting places to visit in Asia, awaits you for a vacation of relaxation to recharge your batteries.

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