Restaurants in Paris

Restaurants in Paris

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Paris is world famous for its diverse cuisines. You can easily find a wide variety of cuisines that belong to different cultures, nations, and regions of world in the typical French style. If you are solely moving to Paris just for experiencing traditional French cuisines then you’ll definitely have a “delightful dining tour”. There are no two opinions about the French cuisines’ delightful tastes and French restaurants are justifying their jobs. You can easily find your choice of cuisines that match to your taste at a variety of Parisian restaurants. We have short listed five best restaurants in Paris that you might find really catchy and enjoyable.

Le Violon d’Ingres

This spacious restaurant is direct by few of the leading chefs in Paris. It is offering great deals of delicious cuisines and absorbing ambience. This restaurant is designed for gastronomic visitors. Locals as well as tourists, all types of visitors are equally warmed welcome and well treated here.

Blue Cargo

This restaurant is offering various entertaining options such as bar, pool, delightful cuisines etc. The ambience is very enchanting and relaxing. The Blue Cargo is perfect for having business or private lunches or dinners. Enjoy music with a wide range of tasteful drinks and foods.

Spoon – Food and Wine

It is perfect for those who like spoon feeding, and particularly if spoon feeding is delightful. Local Parisians as well as foreign visitors flock here to enjoy best food in Paris in a pure Parisian style.


Paris is world famous for diversity in its cuisines and a large number of people visit Paris every year just to enjoy its cuisines. If you are Italian food lover then no reason left to ignore this restaurant in Paris. A variety of Italian cuisines are available here and being served in particular Parisian style.

Sans Sanz

It is a classy bar and restaurant that offers a wide variety of delightful cuisines and traditional French winery. You can enjoy an unforgettable hang out at this restaurant.

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