What to do in Spain

What to do in Spain

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Spain is one of the peachy and most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. It holds great importance because of its sightseeing places and great archaic heritage. Here we have created a list of best things to do in Spain while traveling. This will help you to explore Spain in a better way.

Calat Alhambra, Granada

This is a must explore place in Spain. It is a beautiful and unique fortress complex that is spread over a large area of city center. it is the speaking evidence of Islamic architecture. It was built in the Moorish rule in the 14th century. It will take your whole day to explore it completely. This place becomes overcrowded during summer season. So if you are planning to visit this place in summer then purchase your tickets in advance.

Spanish Festivals

Spain is popular of having different festival activities and in almost every town and village unique festivals held. Bullrunning of Pamplona is one of the biggest festivals in Spain. You can enjoy this festival but make sure that you have taken security measures before attending this festival. Other major festivals include Fireworks of Las Fallas, Festividad de San Sebastian, Festival de Jerez, Fiesta de los Patios etc.

Explore Gaudi’s artwork

Guadi is the historical artists of Spain and he designed a large number of buildings in Barcelona. It is really worth wile to explore Guadi’s great architectural work in Barcelona.  The perfect place to Guadi’s artwork is Prac Guell. This place is loaded with the architectural work of Guadi.

Enjoy Tapas

Tapas are the specialty of Spain. If you really want to feel the real spirit of traveling to Spain then eat tapas by sitting in any of the popular bar with a drink.
Watch Bullfighting
This is one of the highlighted activities in Spain. It is a great fun to watch it live in a ground. It is a must see activity ion Spain.

Enjoy Flamenco

Flamenco would attract you and hold you in its magic for a long time. It is a day time traditional folk music of Spain. The best place to enjoy Flamenco is Seville.

Visit Centro de Arte Reina Sofia

This great museum contains an extensive collection of two major and significant artists of the past century. These artists are Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. There are three distinct museums in Madrid that are must see places and contains a major part of the collection of these two famous and great artists.

Take a tour to Segovia

Segovia contains two great heirloom of archaic Spain. One is Alcazar and other one is Roman Aqueduct castles. These two castles are a great piece of art and significant landmarks.

Enjoy eating Paella

It is another food specialty of Spain. Various restaurants are offering this unique, tasteful and appetizing food. This food is available with a great variety and the most popular version of the paella is that made up of meat instead of seafood.

Explore Balearic Islands

These are the four islands that are located in the east coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. These islands are the peachiest islands in Spain. Full of natural beauty and realness that would give you a fresh feel of nature and the greenery will absorb you in it.

Visit Mezquita de Cordoba

This place is one the finest examples of Muslim artworks. It is truly a speaking evidence of unique contribution of Muslim cultural uniqueness to the Spanish cultural diversity.

Costa del Sol

This place remains over crowded with a heavy traffic of travelers and tourists that especially comes to visit this place from all over the world. This place is a great example of the combination of recreational, historical great pieces, and diverse cultures.

Fall in Love with Picos de Europe

This place will make you fall in love with it. It is undeniably outstanding and awesome tourist destination in Spain. It is flourished with snow capped, royal blue water, and rugged peaks. You can enjoy hiking, dining in, and refreshing air here.

Sagrada Familia

This church is a matchless piece of artwork that was designed by a history creator architect Antoni Guadi. This church is still under construction but it receives a heavy stream of tourists and travelers every year.

Walls of Avila

It is mustn’t miss place on any account. This wall is important in two aspects. One is its unique architecture and alignment while other one is its quality to protect the town from the burning sun rays and heat. You can take a tour of walking along the Avila walls to catch a beautiful view of the countryside and town.

FC Barcelona Stadium and Museum

FC Barcelona is one of the famous football stadiums in the world. It is located in Barcelona, Spain. This stadium can accommodate a large number of spectators. This stadium contains a football museum that lies in its proximity. This museum and stadium remains open for tourists and visitors throughout the year.

Barcelona Aquarium

This unique is located underwater and offers a great enjoyment. It is consisted on 35 different aquariums that contain a wide variety of sea animals and all of them are of different species. You can enjoy seeing a shark swimming around you by walking in the 80 meter long underwater tunnel that is surrounded by the glass barred sea.

Tap Dance

Enjoy the best of best performing art in Spain. Spain’s tap dance is a world’s famous performing art and holds great importance. It is done on some basic techniques and requirements.

Spain is a complete tourist destination that contains almost all the entertaining options required to cherish a traveler. The crown of Spain contains a wide variety of beautiful jewels that ranges from great archaic architectural wonders to peachiest natural beautiful places. If you are going to Spain then you don’t have to worry about what you would do there. This is because Spain contains a lot of exciting and extravagant activities that would keep you busy through out your visit.

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