What to see when visiting Glasgow

What to see when visiting Glasgow

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Glasgow doesn’t require any introduction as tourists know its real worth. Here I have chosen few best tourist attractions in Glasgow that would reduce your worries about what to see when visiting Glasgow. Glasgow is the hometown of great museums and art galleries. Why not start discussing its best tourist attractions without wasting a second!

The Burrell Collection

Name says it all! This great collection was gifted to Glasgow by the great art collector Sir William Burrell and his wife Constance. Sir William Burrell particularly collected all the great work and created such a precious collection. This extensive collection includes gothic art, tapestries, and alabasters, English oak interior, European paintings, particularly of Degas and Cezanne artwork, and stained glass interiors. There are 9, 000 unique pieces of art and craft works including all above mentioned particular work. Not only that but Islamic artwork, modern sculpture (that particularly includes Epstein and Rodin work), and an extensive collection from art work from China, Greece, Egypt, and Rome are also the part of this collection. Enjoy walking through the corridors under the arches and enjoy watching beautiful artwork.

Gallery of Modern Art

It is the second most frequently visited art gallery that lies outside London. Several exhibitions and art programs are organized to promote art and crafts. This gallery contains a great collection of local and international artists. This gallery is reachable from any part of Glasgow as it is located in the centre of the city. The main building of this gallery is the unique combination of modern and old architectural work. This building is designed by several eminent artists. This art gallery remains busy through out the year. On one hand, this gallery exhibits several particular activities to promote new artists and young generation while on the other hand this gallery is popular among new audience.

Glasgow Cathedral

This is a historically important cathedral as it was built on the places where the first bishop of the British kingdom of Strathclyde, was considered to have buried during AD 612. It is a speaking evidence of well preserved and well maintained gothic architectures that was rebuilt during 13th to 15th centuries.

Glasgow Science Centre

It is based on three distinct parts; these are Science Mall, IMAX, and Tower. Science Mall consisted on cafes, exhibits, and shops. It is perfect place to learn and know about latest discoveries and find outs of science. This mall is flourished with virtual science theatres, labs, science shows, e-learning centre, and Scottish Power Space theatre. IMAX at Science Centre is another attractive place. This IMAX cinema contains a large screen with effective sound system. 2D & 3D pictures display here that would allure you. The last part of Science Centre is the Glasgow Tower. It is the first tower of world that can rotate through 360° from the ground. This tower is 122m tall and it can be seen from old and modern city.

Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

This museum and art gallery mainly contains the donated work of William Hunter. He has donated his great collection to the University of Glasgow. This museum was designed by William Stark and a great amount of money was donated by William Hunter for the construction of this museum. These art collections are well preserved and well maintained. This is the oldest museum of Scotland and very popular among art lovers.

The Lighthouse

It is the first devoted national centre for architectural work and design of Scotland. It is working as a connecting link between designs, architecture, seeing, art, and etc. Several exhibitions take places here. This is a significant tourist attraction of Scotland.

Museum of Transport

It is the most famous transport museum in United Kingdom. It gets approximately half million visitors every year. It is equally famous on national and international level. The uniqueness of this museum is extensive collection of vehicles and transportation. It is a good place to learn about the evolution of transportation and the advances that have been occurred in transport sector.

Pollok House

This is another beautiful tourist attraction in Glasgow that attracts high number of visitors towards it. It consists on Spanish art work, antique interiors, silverware, ceramics, and library. It also contains well maintained gardens that are flourished with a wide variety of different species of rhododendrons. Its gardens are connected together through white cart river and these rivers are provided through a bridge. Besides, this estate contains an extensive collection of the paintings and artworks. The artwork collection includes the work of Goya, El Greco, and William Blake etc. It is located on a few minute drives from Glasgow. This land estate is really a great place to spend a relaxing time in Glasgow.
St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art
Glasgow is the city of great and unique museums. This Religious and Art museum exclusively built to pay a tribute to the religious values in the common life. The main objective of this museum is to bring people from different religions and faith closer to each other.

Provand’s Lordship

This is the only remainder of the gothic time of Glasgow city. It is the best place to explore the history of Glasgow. It is open to public and one can easily explore the life of gothic period that was observed by the people pf ancient Glasgow.

The People’s Palace & Winter Gardens

This museum is particularly dedicated to the social history of Glasgow. This museum tells the complete evolutionary story of Glasgow and its native people who have struggled and brought a refreshing change to their city.
Glasgow is a city of great museums and a tour to Glasgow is incomplete without visiting these museums. The particular thing about these museums is their unique specialty such as every single museum is dedicated to a particular and exclusive work. You won’t have to worry about what to see and where to visit in Glasgow because Glasgow contains interesting places that are quite enough to keep you busy through out your tour to Glasgow.

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