Where to go in United Kingdom

Where to go in United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom is the world’s leading and most favorite travel destination. The UK (that includes England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales) contains one of the greatest tourist attractions in the form of matchless museums, unique art and crafts works, scenic places, architectural wonders, captivating countryside, and diverse culture.  All these elements together make the UK a perfect place to visit. It is undeniably matchless tourist attraction.
When it comes to visit UK, it’s really difficult to make a choice among such great options and to decide where to visit, what to explore, and what to leave for next visit. We tried to make it easy for you to select the best places in UK for your next visit; here are some highly recommended places in UK.


Starting with England, London is the greatest and most preferred tourist destination in the world. This is really a spectacular city that allows its tourists to explore the essence of western civilization that includes lush cathedrals, palaces, monuments, and prisons.  London museums are the best entertaining places; these museums are flourished with fine arts, books, science, natural history, medieval weapons, and a lot more. Array of cathedrals and churches are the asset of London’s beauty. Besides, London is a complete box for shopping lovers. It provides best shopping facilities at Harrods, Regent Street shops, and appealing boutiques at Beauchamp Place. London is also there to cater the desires of tourists to enjoy a wide variety of foods and cuisines.


Bath is the preferred tourist destination among hot springs lovers. The most attractive quality of Bath is its Roman Baths, Great Bath, and East & West Baths. Bath is also a perfect place to have relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Enjoy afternoon tea at Pump Room. In Bath, the Royal Crescent’s remarkable architectural pieces are the highly appreciated and one of the core assets of 18th century urban development era.


This city is a doorway to the rural England. It is full of natural beauty such as crystal clear streams, scenic views, sightseeing points, and archaic villages. Oxford University holds great importance for the splendor architecture that it contains. Besides this, Oxford University contains the historical scenic landscapes that are the valuable heirloom of this university. You must not miss out a tour to the spectacular stained glass Christ Church Cathedral.

The Lake District

It lies in the Northwest part of England and it is unique for its beauty. It is the best place for outdoor lovers, as it offers horse riding, hiking, and other outdoor activities. You must engage a local guide if you wish to trek around the Lake District.  The countryside and Lake Windermere are the significant areas of the Lake District.


It is well known for its archaic heirloom. It is a never missed out place in UK.
Cathedral of Canterbury is one of the glorious tourist attractions in United Kingdom. It holds the first position on the list of all glorious cathedrals of United Kingdom. This list contains York, Durham, Winchester, and St. Paul’s cathedrals. The cathedral of Canterbury is important in the religious history of England. The Church of St Martin, ruins of the Abbey of Augustine, and Christ Church Cathedrals are also the must watch places in United Kingdom.


This town is famous for its cathedral. This cathedral is sightseeing place and it gives original feelings that would make you feel yourself the part of history. Durham cathedral is the most popular among all other cathedrals because of its Anglo Norman churches.


Winchester is also popular sightseeing place in England, United Kingdom. It is popular for its cathedral that is unique of its own kind. One of the greatest attractions in Winchester is Great Hall. This is the remainder of Winchester Castle that was constructed in the 13th century. It has lost many real things but still it is highly admirable among tourists.


Scotland is a perfect countryside in United Kingdom. It is spread over irregularly situated villages and cities. Scotland has a great cultural diversity. The great attractions of Scotland include the Highlands, Lothian region, the Grampians, the Trossachs, and the Glassgow.

Northern Ireland

The greatest attractions for tourists in Northern Ireland have destroyed due to clashes between Catholics and Protestants. Due to such clashes tourists faces difficulties to enjoy their trip to Northern Ireland.


The peachy tourist attractions of Wales include unique culture and scenic ground, lush countryside, historical castle, and Snowdonia National Park.

Snowdonia National Park

It is one of the greatest attractions in Wales. It is spread over an area of 800 square miles. It lies in the northwestern area of Wales. It is based on agricultural land, villages, and wildlife.

Castle Country

Wales offers an array of beautiful castles for its tourists. These castles are the monuments of British rule. These castles are well preserved and well maintained. These beautiful castles include Gwynedd, Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Harlech, Conwy, and Ruthun.

Cardiff City

It is the capital city and gateway of Wales. Its significant tourist attraction is the Castell Caerdydd that is also known as the Cardiff Castle.
In the long and short, London is the most significant and peachy tourist attraction in United Kingdom. Start your trip of United Kingdom from London. After exploring London you would never want to leave this beautiful place.

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